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Steelmaking Silicon

Calcium SiliconCalcium silicon alloy is a composite alloy composed of silicon, calcium and iron elements. It is an ideal

Silicon Barium Inoculant Metallurgical Material Deoxidizer Desulfurizer in Steelmaking

Si-Ba inoculant used in steel factories Description:Silicon barium inoculant is a block metallurgical material by blendi

Promotional Silica Gel Cat Litter Clean Cat Litter Odour Deodorizer Silica Gel

Package Size 40.00cm * 30.00cm * 20.00cm Package Gross Weight 30.000kg Promotional Silica Gel Cat Litter Clean Cat Litte

Hydroxyl Iron Oxide Desulfurizer for Textile Industry H2s Removal

Hydroxyl Iron Oxide Desulfurizer Basic information: Product description: Hydroxide Iron oxide desulfurizer is a kind of


Properties The European Union designated cobalt chloride as a Class II carcinogen in 1998,Blue gum containing cobalt chl

Competitive Price High Absorption Silica Gel

White Silica Gel: 1.CharacteristicsTransparent or translucent glass-like pellet or lump. Average pore diameter: 2.0-3.0n

Type B Silica Gel

Overview Product Description Shape: beads or massive partiles. Color: milky white, transparent or translucent. Structure

Blue Silica Gel with Cobalt Free, 1

Product : Blue silica gel cobalt free Feature: Blue silica gel cobalt free is color-changing silica gel and blue silica

Processing Additives Silica Gel Powder for PU Foam

Overview Product DescriptionSilica gel powder, in order to meet the market requirements, let slow resilience foam has a

Salt Hydrocarbon Steam Reforming Catalysts OEM Customized High Temperature Desulfurizers

High Temperature Desulfurizers KLT-301/KLT-302 Applications KLT-301 is suitable for feed desulfurizing purification in h

High Quality Silica Gel Without Dust Agglomeration Crystal Cat Litter with Fragrance

Overview Product Description Silica gel cat litter ,also called crystal cat little,is a new and ideal pet garbage cleane

Bluenjoy Waterproof Disposable Silicone Gel Scar Roll Silica Gel Silicone Gel Sheet

Overview Bluenjoy Waterproof Disposable Silicone Gel Scar Roll Silica Gel Silicone Gel Sheet Product Description Detaile